Thursday, August 03, 2017

Charlie Gard

It has been one day short of a week since Charlie Gard's death.  His first birthday would have been tomorrow.  I never knew him, never knew his parents.  But I have prayed countless prayers for a medical miracle, that hardened hearts would allow his transport to the United States for treatment, and eventually for the repose of his soul and for his grieving parents. 

When I first read news of his death I was at work.  I had to leave my desk several times and lock myself in a single-person bathroom whilst I wept.  I probably wept for a good twenty to thirty minutes before I could bring myself to go back to my desk around others.  I wept even more later that night as I prayed a rosary for that sweet little boy.  Then I prayed to him, not for him.  As a baptized infant his soul went straight to Heaven.  I prayed to him that he would intercede to God for his parents, that they might not lose faith in their grief, that they would turn to God for solace.  I prayed to him that he would ask God to protect my two little girls from the murder he suffered at the hands of the almighty and godless state.  And I prayed to him that he would pray for the salvation of my soul, and if I make it to Heaven that he would seek me out and greet me as a brother.

Little Charlie was a victim of murder.  A murder sanctioned by a court system that sees value only in human life that can economically contribute to society.  A victim of society that offers little to no protection to the most vulnerable amongst us.  A victim of a state that strips parents of their God-given rights to look after the best interests of their children.  As sad as this case is I fear Charlie will not be the last victim of this modern godlessness.  At times like this, I wonder if it might not be best for Western civilization to be destroyed so we can start anew.

God forgive those who murdered little Charlie.  God forgive us all. Although he is not a canonized saint, he is surely in Heaven.  Pray for us Charlie.  Pray for us.

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