Thursday, September 16, 2010

Willing Heirs?

A reader recently asked me (specifically about Germany) if the solution to the problem of non-reigning monarchies truly lies in the past, i.e. are current legitimate heirs willing to assume the thrones of their ancestors should the occasion arise. While I am loyal to the legitimate heir to the German Empire, HIRH Georg Friedrich von Preu├čen, I would not necessarily be opposed to someone else ascending the throne of a new German Empire if the restoration of the old one was impossible.

I find it most prudent to restore legitimate reigns with legitimate heirs, but far too often in Europe the "pretenders" to various thrones have little to no support from the populace, or even have no desire to work towards a restoration of the monarchy. If heirs do not work for a restoration of monarchy, and some charismatic figure should come along and do it himself, I see no reason to deny that individual the opportunity to found a new Christian monarchy in place of an old one.