Monday, December 20, 2010

The State of Europe

I recently read a couple of articles about the political climate in Europe. One article describes how the Swiss are increasingly becoming weary of foreigners in their nation, especially Muslims. The other article tells us that thirteen per cent of modern Germans would welcome a F├╝hrer (no, not a return of Hitler but rather a strong leader who can and will stop the Muslim tide from overtaking Germany). And then I found this video (insert hyperlink) of an Austrian MP criticizing Turkey for its inaction over the murder of a Catholic archbishop in Turkey at the hands of a Turkish Muslim. The common theme within these article and video is an increasing hostility among Europeans towards Islam, non-Western culture, and status quo of modern European tolerance.

I am not a fan, nor have I ever been a fan of the European Union. It is my opinion that the EU breaks down national sovereignty and destroys a sense of ethnic and cultural cohesiveness at the national level. It also makes it harder for the various monarchies of Europe (those that still exist that is) to reassert their sovereign power and overcome the anti-monarchical democratic trend spreading throughout Europe. The EU also makes it harder for former monarchies, in my opinion, to resurrect themselves.

Europe seems to be on the brink of continental wide bankruptcy. The Euro no longer seems to be as indestructible as it used to, and the people of Europe are beginning to wake up to what forty years of increasing tolerance to non Christian and non European thought and culture has done to their homelands. I hope that the theme common within these articles and video continue and multiply.