Monday, December 02, 2013

I'm Scared

I'm scared of Pope Francis.  When he was first elected I was scared of him because I knew nothing about him and was afraid of what might be in store for the Church under this new pope.  Now that I know more about who he was as Jorge Cardinal Borgoglio and who he is as Pope Francis, I continue to be scared.  The man seems hell-bent on eschewing all the physical trappings of a pontificate with his lack of papal dress (no mozzetta and simple steel cross, black shoes, and ugly, ugly new ferula).  He also seems hell-bent on creating a poor Church where priests walk around in sack cloth and all the Church's money is given to the poor (if the Vatican itself were sold for $10 billion and that money used to make 10 billion baloney sandwiches, what happens when those 10 billion baloney sandwiches are eaten?).  He's stated that he "has no problem" with traditionalists or the traditional Latin Mass, but not having a problem with the Extraordinary Form is a far cry from appreciating the timelessness and beauty of that same Mass.  A constant stream of off-the-cuff remarks seem to come from the man which must be put into context by Vatican officials to make them compatible with Catholic doctrine (e.g. his remarks about homosexuals--"Who am I to judge?").  He seeks to democratize the Church by giving more power to regional bishops conferences (as if the bishops haven't done enough damage the past fifty years!).

Just recently in his own hometown of Buenos Aires pro-abortion and lesbian activists burned him in effigy.  A group of men created a human barricade to protect the cathedral from the activists.  Below is a video of how the activists responded.  Warning:  the video depicts the women topless and performing simulated lesbian sex acts to harass the men.

And we Catholics shouldn't "obsess" about abortion and homosexuality?  Does the man not know what we're up against?  I am a loyal son of Rome, but our present pope scares the hell out of me at times.  I hate to say it, but in the words of one Catholic commenting on a blog about Francis "At least he's 76, not 56."