Monday, December 02, 2013

I'm Scared

I'm scared of Pope Francis.  When he was first elected I was scared of him because I knew nothing about him and was afraid of what might be in store for the Church under this new pope.  Now that I know more about who he was as Jorge Cardinal Borgoglio and who he is as Pope Francis, I continue to be scared.  The man seems hell-bent on eschewing all the physical trappings of a pontificate with his lack of papal dress (no mozzetta and simple steel cross, black shoes, and ugly, ugly new ferula).  He also seems hell-bent on creating a poor Church where priests walk around in sack cloth and all the Church's money is given to the poor (if the Vatican itself were sold for $10 billion and that money used to make 10 billion baloney sandwiches, what happens when those 10 billion baloney sandwiches are eaten?).  He's stated that he "has no problem" with traditionalists or the traditional Latin Mass, but not having a problem with the Extraordinary Form is a far cry from appreciating the timelessness and beauty of that same Mass.  A constant stream of off-the-cuff remarks seem to come from the man which must be put into context by Vatican officials to make them compatible with Catholic doctrine (e.g. his remarks about homosexuals--"Who am I to judge?").  He seeks to democratize the Church by giving more power to regional bishops conferences (as if the bishops haven't done enough damage the past fifty years!).

Just recently in his own hometown of Buenos Aires pro-abortion and lesbian activists burned him in effigy.  A group of men created a human barricade to protect the cathedral from the activists.  Below is a video of how the activists responded.  Warning:  the video depicts the women topless and performing simulated lesbian sex acts to harass the men.

And we Catholics shouldn't "obsess" about abortion and homosexuality?  Does the man not know what we're up against?  I am a loyal son of Rome, but our present pope scares the hell out of me at times.  I hate to say it, but in the words of one Catholic commenting on a blog about Francis "At least he's 76, not 56."

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Future King

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their first child, a boy!  I am thrilled that their baby boy is healthy and that the United Kingdom will have a king (and besides this short reference I will make no references to the silly change in the rules of succession allowing the first born child regardless of gender to be heir).  May the royal parents enjoy every moment of their son's life and may they raise him to be a moral and wise ruler.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Gay Marriage in the UK

The House of Lords voted today to legalize gay marriage in England and Wales.  While I am extremely disappointed with the vote, I am not at all surprised.  Gay marriage and the homosexual agenda will become the norm across the Western world.   Homosexuals have become the new norm, with traditionalists like myself becoming the oddity, slowly to be pushed to the peripheries before being outright persecuted.  While I could go on at length about our spiral into the moral abyss, I wanted to write briefly about the political implications in England.

The bill will be sent to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her royal assent.  Nothing makes me think that she won't give her consent, even if I tend to think she personally would oppose homosexual marriage.  She could in theory not give her royal assent, but that would likely cause a constitutional crisis I don't think she's willing to make (I don't see the British monarchy operating like Henri of Luxembourg handled a law to legalize euthanasia in his country or like Baudouin of Belgium handled a law to legalize abortion in his).  So what is she to do?  She could abdicate in favor of her son the Prince of Wales, but again I don't think she'd do that.  The most likely case is that if she opposes homosexual marriage she will violate her conscience to keep her crown.  A great argument against elected bodies such as the British Parliament.  A monarch should never have to violate his conscience in matters political; he makes politics, he is not manipulated by them. 

Friday, April 05, 2013

Blessed Karl of Austria Latin Mass

I was asked by a reader to promote the below event and was happy to oblige.

Blessed Karl
Emperor of Austria and Apostolic King of Hungary
Second Annual
Traditional Latin Mass in Honor of Blessed Karl
Veneration of the Relic
Luncheon & Conference
Sunday, 21 April 2013, 1:00 PM
(Holy Rosary & Confessions begin at 12:30 PM)
Veneration of the Relic After Mass
Saint Titus Church
952 Franklin Avenue, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 15001
Fr. Gregory Plow, TOR
Franciscan University of Steubenville

Luncheon & Conference Immediately After Mass
in St. Titus Church Hall
Featured Speakers:
Suzanne Pearson
Founder of the Blessed Karl Shrine
St. Mary's Church, Washington, DC
Topic: Blessed Karl's exile, death, and burial on the Madeira Islands
Raymond de Souza, KM
Director of Evangelization and Apologetics, Diocese of Winona, MN
and EWTN Series Host
Topic: The Dictatorship of Relativism and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Reservations Required for Luncheon & Conference
Cost: $15/person
Make check payable to: "Knights of Columbus 2161"
and mail to: 2335 Concord Street, Aliquippa PA 15001
Deadline for Paid Reservations: Friday, 12 April 2013

Sponsored By:
Knights of Columbus Woodlawn Council 2161
Traditional Latin Mass Guild


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thoughts on the Election of Pope Franics

When His Holiness Pope Francis was elected less than one week ago, I met the news with an uncertain heart.  I had never heard of Cardinal Bergoglio, so I knew nothing about his past, his views, or his orthodoxy.  Because of that, I wasn't elated like I was when Benedict was elected almost eight years ago.  I went home after work (as a governmental employee I am not supposed to use the internet for personal purposes) and researched Cardinal Bergoglio on the internet.  What I found (mainly on Rorate Caeli) plummeted my into the depths of depression.  My friends over on Rorate had little good to say about our new pope.  I began to fear that he would suspend Summorum Pontificum and persecute traditional Catholics like myself.  Fr. Zulhsdorf was mostly silent the first 24 hours or so after Francis' election, so I couldn't go to him for help.  I began to judge his pontificate in the first 8 hours of reign, and even found myself hoping he wouldn't live long enough to do much damage to the Church.  Then I found myself feeling guilty for thinking like this.  I was an errant son showing ill will towards his spiritual father.  I realized that I must show respect, obedience, and love towards our new Holy Father, and give him a chance.  He may not have been the man I would have voted for if I were a Cardinal Elector, but he is the man God has allowed to lead His Church.  May God grant him the wisdom, strength, and courage to lead the Church faithfully.  Let us all pray for our Holy Father Pope Francis.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Papal Resignation

My readers must forgive me (if I still have any) for such long periods between posts.  My wife gave birth to our first born child last month, and between the birth and the pregnancy before I have been quite preoccupied the last several months.  Despite my busy life as a new father, I had to post on this historical day:  a papal resignation.

I sat down this morning to have my breakfast and watch the news only to learn that sometime whilst I slept the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI is resigning the papal office effective February 28, 2013.  While a papal resignation is not unprecedented in the 2,000 history of the Catholic Church, it is certainly not the norm.  It is the norm, however, for a pope to die in office.  This pope will not.  I have to admit that I was shocked, stunned, and even felt a little betrayed.  Why is he doing this?  How can the pope who was such a friend to the traditional cause call it quits?  How could this man, the holder of the highest honor on Earth give it up?  I cannot know the mind of the Holy Father or the specific reasons why he is resigning (besides the advanced age and ill health he has cited as the reason), only God can.  I do not have hopes that history will judge him well (has history judged St. Peter Celestine well?), but I pray God will grant him happy and grace-filled days until he meets his final reward.

The media and liberal "Catholics" will call for the next pope to change the Church's teachings on a myriad of issues such as abortion, male-only priesthood, homosexuality, etc.but rest assured that the Holy Ghost preserves and protects all successors of St. Peter from entering into doctrinal error.  Let us pray for the Holy Father and for the man who will succeed him.