Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Europe's Crumbling Economy

I heard an interesting commentary the other day whilst driving home from work on NPR. The commentator was remarking at how America was transfixed by Hurricane Irene, despite the fact that in the realm of hurricanes it did relatively little damage. I have to say I watched a little bit of the media coverage myself--it was weird to see Times Square totally empty. The commentator went on to decry the fact that we will have 24 hour coverage of a natural event, but little to no coverage of a human event: the European debt crisis. America was glued to its collective television sets when European leaders are making one bad decision after another. If they don't do something, the commentator said, the state of Europe will be far worse than any Hurricane Irene.

I have to admit that as I listened to this report I found myself saying aloud "I wish" to the commentator's dire predictions that the Euro-zone would collapse. If the Euro-zone collapses, will it be bad? Yes, yes it will. If the Euro fails as a viable currency, will it mean terrible (even more terrible?) economic conditions for the European people? Yes, perhaps. If the Euro fails, will it effect the world at large? Yes, perhaps. But will the European people be better off without the European Union, without the Euro as their currency? Yes, most definitely yes! Why? The European Union and the Euro has effected to strip the European peoples from their individual national sovereignty, identities, and to some degree even their cultures. Only if the E.U. fails will Europe be able to redeem itself culturally and morally.

So as the E.U. continues to pressure debt-strapped nations within the Euro-zone to enlarge their austerity measures and as the citizens in individual nations continue to protest (as is the case in Spain the day of this writing), a paradigm shift is taking place: individuals are moving further away from a continental-centralized-supranational government to what is traditionally thought of as the old Europe. And here is the heart of the matter: only within an old Europe can monarchy be restored as the government of choice among nations. So the sooner the E.U. collapses from its own debt, the better I say!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Royal Wedding!

And this time it's a German one. On Saturday August 27, HIRH Georg Friedrich von Preu├čen married Princess Sophie von Isenburg. I wish them a long and happy marriage with many gracious children. I also hope that this wedding will have effected a greater interest in the abdicated monarchy among the German people. It is high time the Germans bring back their Kaiser!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rules of Succession

I have been thinking lately about the various rules of succession, both historically and presently within monarchies. Some monarchies allow only legitimate male heirs to ascend the throne, while others allow legitimate females as well. Some of the monarchies that allow female heirs do so only if there is no male heir, while others dictate that the eldest child regardless of gender ascend the throne. The common thread among the different rules of succession is succession by blood, but what about adoption?

I must confess that I have been thinking about adoption and succession for a very selfish reason: my wife and I have been unable to conceive and are in the process of adopting a baby. What if I were born a royal and unable to have a biological child? There are certainly enough historical examples of childless royals to make one think about the possibility of adopted heirs. Perhaps many succession disputes (even armed disputes) could have been avoided had a royal couple been allowed to adopt a child and name that child the heir to the throne. It was done in ancient Rome (although the emperor usually adopted a nephew and named him heir), so there is some historical precedent.

I am not one to pay attention to gossip magazines or the tabloids, but when I am in the check-out stand at the grocery store it is hard not to notice them (especially due the the fact that I am an Archie comics fan, and the great Archie Double Digest is often sold right next to the tabloids). I have noticed several tabloids since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married alluding to the royal couple having fertility problems. All these rumours may be false, but it does make one think about the topic of royal succession.

So I ask you, my readers, what do you think about royal succession by adoption?

Saturday, April 30, 2011


I would like to wish the their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a very happy and life-long marriage! May God bless them with many wonderful children, and may God bless them and guide them throughout their marriage and eventual reign.