Monday, December 12, 2005

Abortion, Feminism, and The Law
I was watching a forensic science/law show the other day. A man was convicted of beating his pregnant wife, which eventually led to the death of his unborn child. He was charged and convicted with not only the assault of his wife, but also the murder of his unborn child. This got me thinking.

In America, it is perfectly legal for a woman to murder her unborn child at any time during her pregnancy, even just before natural childbirth. If a man beats a woman and it leads to the death of that child (or in the case of Scott Peterson the murder of his wife and his unborn child) the man can be charged with the murder of that child. Should he be? Of course he should. Murder is murder. But what about the woman who “chooses” to end her pregnancy, should she be charged with murder? I think that she should, murder is murder, but not in this country. Could this double standard in the law be due to feminism in our culture? A different standard for men and women? I think that this just might be the case.

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