Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Gideons

The Gideons were on my school campus the other day passing out Bibles. I have to admit that I've always admired the Gideons, even though they are Protestants. They have touched the lives of countless people by passing out free copies of the New Testament/Psalms/Proverbs to strangers. Go to any hotel room or hospital room and you'll likely find a Gideon Bible. Even in Catholic hospitals the Bibles in each room are most likely from the Gideons. They have such a remarkable presence. It got me thinking that it is too bad there are no Catholic fraternal organizations that do the kind of work the Gideons do. If there are, these Catholic fraternal organizations certainly do not have the presence that the Gideons have. It's unfortunate, but sometimes Protestants are better Catholics than we Catholics. As far as spreading the "Good News," the Gideons have done a better job recently than we have.


Anonymous said...

One God, One Faith, One Baptism.

And ... one book!

Nick said...

One God, yes. One Faith, yes, one true Faith, the Catholic Faith. One baptism, yes. One book...the Protestants through out parts of the one book. The one true book is the Catholic Bible.

Anonymous said...

Finally a fellow Catholic Monarchist. However I'm suprised to find you are a fan of the Prussian monarchy.

Nick said...

Nice to see you here. About my Germanophile ways, see my post "Why I am a German Monarchist" from Jan. of this year.

Anonymous said...

"Finally a fellow Catholic Monarchist. However I'm suprised to find you are a fan of the Prussian monarchy."

I thought the only monarchists left were Catholics!

Long live the Habsburgs!
St. Louis, King of France, pray for us!

Anonymous said...


Let the restoration begin!

Do you think we can carve a small kingdom out of North America? Possibly the state of Maryland? Naturally DC would be a problem.