Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Fourth of July

As a monarchist I always feel conflicted on the Fourth of July, the day we Americans celebrate our independence from Great Britain. I feel conflicted because I do not believe we--I say we as if I had any say in the matter--should ever have declared independence from Britain. The colonists didn't have it so bad, and besides, the war of Rebellion (also known as the Revolutionary War) was not then nor could be now justified under the Catholic just war doctrine.

With that said, the 4th is a popular holiday here in America. It's a time for friends and family, barbecues, and fireworks. Who doesn't like these things? So I usually find myself partaking in certain parts of the holiday while maintaining a spirit of disapproval of why we are celebrating. So if you're an American monarchist and you find yourself in a Fourth of July celebration, make a toast to King George III and his successor Elizabeth II--our ancestors never knew they had it so good.


Anonymous said...

This American Catholic monarchist has a generally positive view of the American War for Independence. I'm an Anglo-phile (not a Prusso-phile) so, the idea of the preservation of the rights of Englishmen, resonates with me (I realize this is a somewhat paradoxical position).

Anyways, it's a shame the US did not import a monarch from another land, as was common for realms to do in times past. It's also too bad the US didn't enter into a more formal partnership (I know, closest allies ever, as it currently is) with the UK--something of a new commonwealth, even if only symbolic.

God save the United States! God save the Queen!

Anonymous said...

As a Catholic Monarchist I am no fan of either the Hanoverians or the rebellion. However I do enjoy visiting with the relatives.