Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dying Spain

I was watching DW-TV the other night (DW-TV is a German international news channel) and saw a report on the dwindling birth rate of modern Spaniards. While Spain is certainly not alone in Europe when it comes to low birth rates, the situation in Spain is especially severe. The government plans on giving couples €2,500 for each child born. What exactly brought about the situation whereby the Spanish government has to effectively bribe couples to have children?

The problem lies within modern Spanish culture (this problem is not just present in Spanish culture, but European culture at large). Spain is aborting and contracepting itself into oblivion. Spanish couples are choosing to ignore one of the two characteristics of marriage: procreation (the other being an institution designed to help each spouse help the other spouse get to heaven). One couple interviewed in the DW report especially caught my attention. This couple had no children, despite being visibly in their late forties (at the very least). The wife talked all about how expensive children are, but also pointed out the fact that children make it very hard to do what one wants to do in life--in other words children put a damper on one's social life. The husband said that he found children to be an unbearable burden and saw absolutely no reason to ever have children. I found myself thinking: "Hey buddy, you were a child once too. Good thing your parents didn't think that you were an 'unbearable burden.' "

The problem is this: married couples in Spain, Europe at large, America, and pretty much everywhere in the "Christian" world are selfish--they care for nothing but their own narcissistic interests. They do not realize that children are a blessing from God, not a curse to be avoided. All children should be loved, cared for, and cherished. If you are not willing to have children, then don't get married and pervert the nature of marriage.

I don't have children of my own, but I look forward to the day (God willing) when I find a wife of my own and start a (large!) family. I realize how important children are to the world: without children, the human race will die out.


Jsphvalentin said...

Greetings Nick. your "Blog" is the very first I have ever seen, and I must say I am overjoyed that you and this medium exist. I too am a traditional catholic who could term himself a Germanophile. For the past year I have been attending a Latin mass and learning so much about our faith that is seldom talked about in our modern times. Recently, I have begun to question what kind of a catholic culture man should live in, raise children, etc. and I see that a modern democracy cannot support and defend such a culture. A democracy is full of error, is egalitarian, tends toward imperfection, and cannot subsist in truth, but by majorities and consensus.

At least parents like the ones in Spain will not spread their liberal views to any children. The only people having children in Europe are immigrants. If policy and trends stay as is, Muslims will conquer Europe by merely out breeding us.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal era is fast coming to an end. One of many reasons is feminism. Feminism, at its core, is the rejection of biological reality and childbearing. A species that aborts its young and refuses to reproduce is a species that will soon cease to exist.

Pope Paul the Sixth was right.

After the collapse of liberalism, what is next? Is it too much to hope that Catholic Monarchism will be restored?

Jsphvalentin said...

Too much? It is exactly what we must hope for. We essentially have to build up from ashes societies that are catholic. It starts with a family, a community, groups of men who are as hard as granite and will not give under the pressure and influence of modern conventions; but rather they will shape the times in which they live. There must come a time when tradition Catholics and monarchists congregate to make there presence, teaching, and culture, visible and known. It would become a force capable of making a noticeable difference in a given region. This would most benefit themselves, as they no longer would be living in opposition to their surroundings, but nourishing each other thereby. A society like this would accept and sustain a monarchy. How do we begin? Where do we start? We start with ourselves naturally, then what?