Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Evolving Views

I gave an overview of what I thought was the perfect monarchy in my post My Ideal Monarchy. I stated in the post that my views were subject to change based on age and/or wisdom, and I would like to amend part of my hypothetical monarchy.

I stated that the high council that would act as an advisory board to the king would be elected. I think it best for members of the council to be nobles, passing their seats on the council to their sons (an hereditary council).

Now I would like to speak on a rather more important matter, at least in my view. I stated that the monarchy would be a Catholic monarchy, and that I hold to. But what I no longer believe is that the king and members of the royal family must marry Catholics or face being stripped of their royal prerogatives. As long as the king or any other member of the royal family maintain his Catholic identity and raise all children from a mixed marriage as Catholic, no punitive measures should be taken. If the Holy Catholic Church does not forbid mixed marriages, who am I (or in this case who is the hypothetical monarchy) to forbid what the Church permits?

My views on marriage have changed because I fell in love with a non-Catholic girl. I cannot imagine my life without her, and if I were king and faced with the choice of the crown and her I would gladly pick her. Some things are more important than the crown, in this case love. Edward VIII of England knew that, and now so do I.


Anonymous said...

A good emendation. I am pleased to see someone thinking these issues through with sincerity and care.

Do you speak/read French? Because if you do, there's a website I want to recommend to you.

Best wishes,


Nick said...

No, I neither speak nor read French. My language abilities are limited to English, German, and Latin.

Thanks for visiting!

TANAKA8120 said...

I think this is a perfect monarchy, under two revision:

first it is better for the high council to resemble the current British parliament (appointed house of lord and elected house of common both from political parties or independent candidate channels).

Second: I think this "perfect" system does not exclusive to roman catholic but to all type of religion, off course with small detail adaptation/changes.

Nick said...

What you have proposed is exactly what the British monarchy has. Although I admire England, I don't trust democracy.

Secondly, I want a Catholic monarchy. A monarchy open to all religions is not what I'm looking for.

Anonymous said...

Sorry friend but I have to disagree.

May your love embrace the faith and return home. We need good men and women.

Kind regards,

Nick said...


I have to repeat myself. If the Church does not forbid mixed marriages, why should my hypothetical monarchy? Some things are more important than politics.

Anonymous said...

Young love... oh how like a bright light that dims all else around it.

Enjoy it my young friend.

Nick said...

I'm not sure if that is meant as an insult or not, but yes I am very much enjoying it.

Anonymous said...
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