Monday, July 20, 2009

Georg Friedrich von Peußen

I found this video of HIRH Georg Friedrich von Preußen, heir to the Kingdom of Prussia and the German Empire, on YouTube. It's a mix of Dutch, German, and English, but for all you English speakers out there HIRM speaks quite a bit of English during this interview. Enjoy!


Crayshen said...

It's quite depressing that he isn't interested in restoration, (And at one point I believe, straight-up endorsed the current government of Germany) but it is rather nice to know that despite his political views, he takes pride in his family's history.

Nick said...

Left by Anonymous:

"Wie gehts? Ich habe eine frage.

Perhaps you can answer it?

I also see that you are also a golfer. It seems we have that in common as well.

The question is, do you know of any farmland in Austria that was owned around the early 1900's by a Prince Hohenzollern?

A relative leased some of it from him, and I am doing some reconnecting with my family's roots in that part of the world.

Any info would be outstanding and greatly appreciated.

I can be reached at (edited).

Please do not post my #, but feel free to call me at it, at your earliest convenience.

Vielen Dank!


In answer to your question, no I don't know anything regarding the land in Austria, sorry.

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Badger Catholic said...

Have you done much research on the status of the Habsburgs are these days? I think Charles Habsburg will end up being canonized, what a boost for monarchists!

TANAKA8120 said...

I think the Prince simply does not see any chances of restoration, that’s why he seems not interested.

After all having a republic is somewhat like heroin addiction. You would never see an addict given up his addiction just like that, right?

Nick said...

Interesting analogy--republicanism is like a heroin addiction. It appears to be good from the beginning, but slowly eats away at you from the inside.