Monday, December 20, 2010

The State of Europe

I recently read a couple of articles about the political climate in Europe. One article describes how the Swiss are increasingly becoming weary of foreigners in their nation, especially Muslims. The other article tells us that thirteen per cent of modern Germans would welcome a F├╝hrer (no, not a return of Hitler but rather a strong leader who can and will stop the Muslim tide from overtaking Germany). And then I found this video (insert hyperlink) of an Austrian MP criticizing Turkey for its inaction over the murder of a Catholic archbishop in Turkey at the hands of a Turkish Muslim. The common theme within these article and video is an increasing hostility among Europeans towards Islam, non-Western culture, and status quo of modern European tolerance.

I am not a fan, nor have I ever been a fan of the European Union. It is my opinion that the EU breaks down national sovereignty and destroys a sense of ethnic and cultural cohesiveness at the national level. It also makes it harder for the various monarchies of Europe (those that still exist that is) to reassert their sovereign power and overcome the anti-monarchical democratic trend spreading throughout Europe. The EU also makes it harder for former monarchies, in my opinion, to resurrect themselves.

Europe seems to be on the brink of continental wide bankruptcy. The Euro no longer seems to be as indestructible as it used to, and the people of Europe are beginning to wake up to what forty years of increasing tolerance to non Christian and non European thought and culture has done to their homelands. I hope that the theme common within these articles and video continue and multiply.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Where are royalty in all this? They should be speaking up for and defending their people and leading the charge to expel the scum that infect Europe--but all we get is silence. Or, in the case of Queen Elizabeth II, capitulation to the multi-culti islamist regime. A most worrisome state of affairs. Shameful!!

Crayshen said...

As much as I respect the Archduke, I never understood his sympathies towards a 'unified Europe' (Unless of course 'unified' simply refers to embracing the common binds of western culture, tradition and morality that tie the continent together. I rather like that explanation, so I'm going with that.)

Europe doesn't need 'centralization'. Part of what makes it what it IS, is the mix of cultures and people tied together with Christian values and history and it seems to me, the recent rise in the rejection of the Mohammedans and the seeming decay of individual powers granted the states, that this is starting to become a more prevalent view.

After all, how can the EU, a body that is supposedly dedicated to keeping 'a standard of human and political rights on the continent' even BEGIN to keep that facade up when their current president, is a country who has enforced one of the strongest ant-free speech laws since the Soviets?

It appears as if several large cracks are begining to show in the masking EU's true intentions and hopefully this nonsense of only one blase and secular [Unless of course, you happen to be Muslim] 'culture' can be wiped off the map forever, hopefully by restoring Monarchs to their proper place as the guardians of a land's culture, ideals and laws.

Anonymous said...

H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth Time Lapse

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear readers,

the erosion of traditional European culture and national sovereignty under the lunacy that is the EU is one thing; the decimation of robust, moral, chaste, modest European Christianity is another altogether. Europe is little more than a carcas, excuse my bluntness, due to the fact that it gave itself over to Secularism, Atheism, Individualism, decadence, sexual perversion, socialism (when Subsidiarity would have been a far more effective tool to pprotect intrinsic human dignity(, and feminism decades ago. They are now reaping their reward. Though islam increases due to migration, it also increases due to conversion as limp wristed european Christianity for the mostpart is as immodest, immoral and disgraceful as the atheistic post-Christian, post-modern EU culture that surrounds and hobbles it in many cases. The people search for ethical, moral and faith-founded direction (once a foundation-stone of Christianity in Europe), only to learn the dreadful truth that the vast majority of European Christianity lies in ruins. Not willing to give up on this search, they discover the foundation and direction they long for afresh in Islam. I am a Christian woman deeply pained by the ghastly transformation I have seen in my nation, the remainder of the Anglosphere and Europe in my comparatively short lifetime (I am a Gen-X’er) I pray fervently that Catholic Christian belief regarding this present age (see and the entry on ‘Catholic prophecy). Comes to pass swiftly in accordance with the Divine will of our heavenly Father. This starts with the individual re-discovering and shoring up their own relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God, their participation within Christ’s Church and their willingness to live in accordance with God’s healthy, nourishing design for the family (see and the article pertaining to our role as Women in the home (I am no fanatical fundamentalist, but an ordinary Christian who has converted from evangelical Protestantism to a deeply respected Eastern rite of the Catholic Church, who was raised with the lies of this age though a Christian and one who can testify to the above as witnessed first hand in my time studying for a degree in theology through a recognized faith based university). As individuals, families, communities and parishes, we need to move forward and leave behind the burnt out wreck bequeathed to us from the ‘Builder’, ‘War-Gen’ and ‘Boomer Generation’ into the light of worshipping our Lord and Saviour jesus Christ ‘in Spirit and in Truth’. Only then will the disaster recovery operation truly commence. Nurture Gen X, Gen Y and the Alpha Generation in orthodox Christianity in such a manner that they cleave to and take ownership of their faith, empowered to God’s call through its belief and practice.

May God bless the ministry of Altar and throne, those who write for it and their families plus all who read it,


Anonymous said...

Sarah's commentary is powerful -- and accurate.

May we all be found in Christ as the end draws near.