Thursday, March 22, 2012

French Terror

The media have been abuzz with reports of the young Frenchman who killed three French paratroopers and several Jewish schoolchildren and a Rabbi. They refer to him as a terrorist and speak much about the "war against terrorism." It is not a war against terrorism, it is a war against Islam. The terrorists are Muslim, and they have declared war on the secular West. If we are to win this war, we must be honest with ourselves. No secular nation will expel Muslims from their borders. No secular nation will place serious restrictions on Muslims (even though Muslims nations do so to Christians). If we are to win this "war", we must acknowledge that it is at its roots a religious conflict, re-embrace our Christian roots, and fight for the rights of the Church to exist throughout the world, especially in Europe.


TANAKA8120 said...

Religion put God in His heavenly realm
Religion taught us to put our saints high on the pedestal of virtue
Religion taught mankind to act like human being – the image of God

Modern secularist-liberalist put God in the realm of imagination
Modern secularist-liberalist treat our saint as mere mortal – plagued with human frailty and succumbed to them easily
Modern secularist-liberalist teaches mankind to act like homo sapiens-sapiens – the talking hairless ape

Anonymous said...

Amen, Nick!!

This is an excellent assessment of the situation as it stands. We would do well to take a leaf out of Hungary's book.

Bl. Emperor Karl I, Pray for us.


Matthew said...

well said. Deus vult!