Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Fourth of July

The above picture demonstrates how I spent my Fourth of July:  proudly flying the Union Jack for all the world to see (or at least everyone who happened to drive down the street on which I live).  It's rather odd being a monarchist in America on the Fourth of July.  I see the American flags everywhere, patriot sayings such as "God bless America" or "God bless our troops."  I can even hear from my house the fireworks display that my city puts on in our downtown.  For me it's just another day, a day I don't have to work (but still get paid for it!), a day people (not me!) celebrate some far-off war fought against some long-dead king. For me it's a day that's just a little sad for me, a day on which I wish America had never rebelled against King George.  Today makes me wish I lived in Great Britain--hopefully someday.  God save the Queen!

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BrastaSeptim said...

Don't feel too alone. As a Byzantine Catholic, I spend my 4th July honouring the memory of His Imperial Majesty, Tsar Nicholas and the other Royal Martyrs of Russia