Monday, July 15, 2013

Gay Marriage in the UK

The House of Lords voted today to legalize gay marriage in England and Wales.  While I am extremely disappointed with the vote, I am not at all surprised.  Gay marriage and the homosexual agenda will become the norm across the Western world.   Homosexuals have become the new norm, with traditionalists like myself becoming the oddity, slowly to be pushed to the peripheries before being outright persecuted.  While I could go on at length about our spiral into the moral abyss, I wanted to write briefly about the political implications in England.

The bill will be sent to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her royal assent.  Nothing makes me think that she won't give her consent, even if I tend to think she personally would oppose homosexual marriage.  She could in theory not give her royal assent, but that would likely cause a constitutional crisis I don't think she's willing to make (I don't see the British monarchy operating like Henri of Luxembourg handled a law to legalize euthanasia in his country or like Baudouin of Belgium handled a law to legalize abortion in his).  So what is she to do?  She could abdicate in favor of her son the Prince of Wales, but again I don't think she'd do that.  The most likely case is that if she opposes homosexual marriage she will violate her conscience to keep her crown.  A great argument against elected bodies such as the British Parliament.  A monarch should never have to violate his conscience in matters political; he makes politics, he is not manipulated by them. 

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