Monday, February 10, 2014

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin has been in the news a lot recently mostly due to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi., but he has garnered a lot of attention the last year or so on his own merits.  He's been called a dictator, a tyrant, and Satan just to name a few.  He's also been referred to as a Tsar by his detractors.  Which leads me to my point:  Would that he declared himself Tsar!  Now some monarchists would be up in arms at this statement, claiming that only the Romanov successors have the legitimate right to the Russian throne, but I am a much more pragmatic monarchist.  If currently non-reigning royal families are unwilling or unable to re-instate dead monarchies, I have no problem with non-royals who might have the political will, popularity, and pure power to declare themselves as legitimate royals by right of conquest.  Is it possible that Putin will declare himself Tsar?  Napoleon did it.  Is it likely?  Only time will tell.


Ante Bellum said...

An interesting monarchist position ... Out of step with mainstream monarchist tradition, but pragmatic and logical.

Alexander v.Pinoci

Ocupante said...

I don't think that it is a good idea. Russia is an oligarchy today, and the members of the state and of the economical elite are the widows of the Soviet Union.

Napoleon took to himself the forces of the revolution creating a functional new order from the chaos of the revolutionary state. Putin is just the continuation of the KGB rule of Russia.

Anonymous said...

Occupante, Russia is currently becoming more and more illiberal, it can hardly be called a continuation of the Communist revolution.