Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Synod Catastrophe

Catholic faithful--and other followers of Vatican happenings--will be well aware of the mad happenings coming out of the current Synod on the Family.  I won't go into depth with details, but suffice it to say that a devious minority of those in attendance are advocating a change in Catholic doctrine regarding the indissolubility of marriage, reception of the Holy Eucharist by those in obstinate moral sin, and homosexual acts.  They have said again and again that they want no change in doctrine, just how the Church approaches these subjects.  Don't believe their lies!  This devious minority--guided by their own pride and the machinations of Satan himself--want what cannot happen:  a change in Catholic doctrine.  These few cardinals and bishops must be stopped.  We, the faithful, must pray unceasingly that the Holy Ghost will guide the cardinals, bishops, and especially the Holy Father to stand up for truth, justice, and traditional Catholic doctrine.  Which brings me to my next thought:  the Holy Father.

Where is His Holiness during this debacle?  Why has he not spoken out against this work of Satan?  Faithful (and I mean truly faithful) Catholics are fearful and confused by the proceedings of the Synod.  We feel lost, directionless.  Where is the Supreme Pontiff?  Instead of direction from the Vicar of Christ on Earth, we have Raymond Cardinal Burke standing up for the truth.  Now I have been a fan of Cardinal Burke for years, even before he was raised to the cardinalate.  Indeed I have no greater respect and admiration for any cleric in the Church than I do for His Eminence, but why is the Church and the world getting more spiritual direction and comfort from a cardinal than we are from the Pope himself?  His Eminence himself has stated in an interview that it's long overdue for some serious leadership from His Holiness on these issues.  Let's hope Pope Francis wakes up and starts fulfilling the job he was elected to do:  lead one billion Catholics in the ways of the Truth, representing the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity on Earth.  So far--in my estimation--the Holy Father has failed in his sacred duty.

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