Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Pope Francis and Captain Kirk

Readers of my blog over the past two plus years know that I am not a fan of our Holy Father Pope Francis.  I submit to him as a loyal son of Rome, but it is my opinion that he has done a great deal of harm to the Church during his pontificate.  I will, however, give credit where credit is due.

This morning I pulled into my employer's parking lot and did a quick check of the blogs I frequent daily.  The first post I saw on Rorate Caeli was thrilling:  Pope Francis has granted all SSPX priests the faculty to validly and licitly absolve sins during the year of mercy.  While the SSPX has long argued that they have faculty to absolve sins, I do not think their arguments hold water, but regardless this gesture of kindness and mercy from the Holy Father towards the SSPX is unprecedented.  Fr. Z often has said that just as only Nixon could go to China, perhaps only Francis could reconcile with the SSPX and bring them into full union with Rome. 

There is a great line in the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.  Spock is trying to convince Kirk to accept an assignment to meet with the Klingons in the first gesture of peace between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.  Kirk had a long history of animosity and hatred towards the Klingons (a Klingon killed his son).  Spock tells Kirk:  "Only Nixon could go to China."  Just as only Captain Kirk could reach a peace between the Federation and the Klingons, perhaps only Pope Francis can achieve SSPX reconciliation.


Matthew Celestine said...

I read an article in The Spectator magazine once which argued that the lesson to be drawn from Nixon going to China is that those on the Right are always better at compromise and agreement than those on the Left. Those on the Right will always want to work for practical solutions, but for those on the Left, compromise is a dirty word and ideological purity will always come first.

I think the Holy Father's thoughts are tainted by the Left, but I think he is an instinctive conservative by nature.

Michael E. said...


I wasn't aware of this, and I've been following Catholic and monarchist blogs. Thank you for making the information available! God bless! And I hope you're right about a reconciliation with the SSPX.

I'm scared at some (not all) of what I've read about what Pope Francis is supposedly saying and doing (though admittedly this is mostly not firsthand words from the Holy Father himself and I should give the benefit of the doubt wherever possible), but--while I don't presume to be a prophet and so I don't put too much stock in this--I can't shake a gut feeling that he isn't truly the darling the liberal media want him to be and that this may be better known to us very soon, so that even they cannot ignore it or deny it.

I simply suspect that soon it will be a major test of our faith for any Catholics, whether identified as traditionalist, conservative, or liberal or whatever, to be loyal to the Holy Father. I hope it need not go that far, but I can't help wondering.

Thank you again. Peace.

Anonymous said...

If you are Catholic and Francis is the Pope you must obey him in faith and morals. If you do not do this you are disobedient and in grave error. You should go into a muslum mosque and pray with the moslums to allah. Francis teaches that Jesus and allah are the same god. As a matter of fact Francis teaches that all religions have the same god. So as a matter of faith you must obey francis or you cannot call yourself Catholic.

For me, a Cananically elected Pope cannot teach heresy, Of course thats if you understand that heresy cuts one off from the Church and sin makes us dead members. Sin can be consented to by thought, word, and deed as well as heresy because they are both sins. Heresy seperates us from the Church.

The Holy Ghost cannot be with a pope that teaches heresy and so he could not possibly be Pope. The Church has been infiltrated by zionist Jews, Communists, Freemasons, and homosexuals.

Do yourself a favor and read Cardinal Mannings four lectures "The Present Crisis of the Holy See" or go to lulu and order "the Pope and the Antichrist" This all comes from the fathers of the Church and also the doctors of the Church so if anyone would dispute what Cardinal Manning repeats would be disputing with the fathers.

Nick said...

As the father of two young children--one of which is six weeks old and fussy--I do not currently have the strength to enter the "Is Pope Francis a legitimate pope or not" argument. Suffice it to say that there have been saints who supported men who were later declared antipopes. History and a future pope may well judge Francis anathema, but I will not (at least not now).