Thursday, November 19, 2015

The West and ISIS

Much has been said about the terrorist attacks on Paris last week.  The pundits on the left and right continue to analyze the causes and offer opinions on what the West should do in response.  Here's my observations in a nutshell:  What the hell did European governments think would happen when they welcomed with open arms hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants into Europe?  What the hell did they think would happen when decades ago they started granting asylum to Muslims with no expectations that they convert to Christianity or assimilate to European culture?

Europeans will continue to slowly kill their own cultures by allowing more and more Muslims across their borders.  The Muslim horde will not be defeated with understanding or tolerance, nor the sword of republican and democratic governments.  They will only be defeated by the sword of the Faith.  Just as the Muslims were defeated at the battle of Lepanto with the help of Our Lady, so too can they be defeated today.  This is a war of religions, and can only be defeated with religion.


Matthew Celestine said...

"What the hell did European governments think would happen when they welcomed with open arms hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants into Europe?"

Does your analysis not raise the question of why Muslims in Europe did not commit such crimes twenty or thirty years ago? Their have been Muslims in Europe for quite a while before the appearance of such terrorism.

tanaka said...

It is kinda strange for devout muslims to want to live in traditionally Christian countries. However if eurabia is what they're dreaming about, then they'll have a surprise when their grandkids decide to spend weekend naked somewhere in southern France.

Afterall cancerous atheism & its bastions are the most prevalent "religions" in today's West; religions that make mankind god. Once, one goes atheist there is no chance one wants to be ruled by another God but oneself.