Sunday, June 05, 2016


In the happy days in Europe before the First World War, intellectuals and military leaders argued that Europe and European society had become stagnant.  Although many nations were experiencing industrial, commercial and scientific progress at levels never before experienced, it was argued that war was needed to wake Europe out of its cultural slumber.  War would cleanse Western society from the decadence and moral and nationalist apathy which infected the great capitals of the continent.  What the intellectuals and military leaders were not prepared for was the level of destruction and loss of human life that would ensue from a war waged with Twentieth Century technology. 

I have been thinking a lot recently about how this historical call for war could be applicable in our own day.  Now before I go any further I must say that I do not relish the idea of war (and the necessary loss of human life and misery that would result of any war), but at least in the abstract is not war sometimes necessary as a cleansing agent?  When I was a child and got a deep scratch, my parents would pour hydrogen peroxide on the wound to clean it of any dirt and to help prevent an infection.  It hurt like hell, but I understood that the pain was necessary to prevent a possible future (and greater pain) of infection.  Could not war be the hydrogen peroxide of Western society, a tool to cleanse society from the dirt that has invaded the body and prevent infection?

As I look around at the world in which I live, I see that Europe has been invaded by millions of Muslims (not just the ones who are supposedly “refugees” and who travelled from supposedly war-torn nations over the last two years).  The Muslims don’t assimilate:  they don’t adopt the (nominal) Christian faith of their host nations, they don’t accept the values or culture of their host nations—indeed they call for their host nations to not only respect their own values but to adopt them (e.g. calls for Sharia Law to be adopted in European nations).  Many of these Muslims are young men.  What is the nationality/religion/age of those men who (with increasing numbers of occurrences) assault white women?  And in the face of all of this, what do most European leaders do?  Make excuses and call for greater acceptance/tolerance of Muslims and calls for more asylum grants for “refugees.” 

I see that in the U.S. so-called transgendered individuals are applauded for rejecting the very bodies and natures that God gave to them from the moment of their conception.  School districts are being coerced to let teenagers (who cannot even legally drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, vote and in some instances not even drive a car) use whatever bathroom or locker room that corresponds to their “gender identity.”  Self-righteous and oh-so-enlightened parents happily support whatever form of deviancy their underage (and I must stress:  underage ) children feel inclined to experiment with at the moment.  Americans have periods of near apoplexy when a lion named Cecil is hunted or a gorilla name Harambe is euthanized to save the life of a toddler, yet millions of unborn babies are murdered legally each year.

I don’t glory in war, but I think war is about the only thing that can cleanse the West of the filth that has become so common in our cultures.  I think it’s past time the Great Catholic Monarch of myth and legend rise up and bring that war on the enemies of God and His Church.  If it’s the Muslims who bring that war, let us pray that what’s left of the faithful remnant wins and has the Church’s backing to re-build what’s left of the West when it’s over.

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